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My name is Tony Zink, and I've been active in the MSProject and SharePoint communities for several years, through MPUG (or what is now MPA... the Microsoft Project Association), the MSProject Usenet newsgroups, and the MSProject Reporter and the SharePoint Reporter.

I currently work as a Senior EPM and SharePoint Consultant, and I have experience using SharePoint in conjunction with MSProject Server to manage small projects and large programs, as well as implementing MSProject Server (EPM) and SharePoint 2003 and 2007 systems in the midwestern US.

Speaking of the SharePoint Reporter, I built this website in late 2005; it aggregates several blogs and presents them in a central, convenient manner, while still providing references back to the original bloggers' sites. I’ve found that blogs are among the best places on the web to get the latest grass-roots information on certain topics, but I found myself spending too much time browsing multiple blogs on a daily basis looking for new information. Thus, my Reporter sites. Since my first site (SharePoint Reporter) in late 2005, I've built several others, each covering a specific topic:

SharePoint Reporter

MSProject Reporter

Project Management Reporter

SQL Server Reporter

Knowledge Management Reporter

Webmaster Reporter

AJAX Reporter

.NET Reporter

MSOffice Reporter

I hope that you enjoy my blog, and feedback & links are always appreciated!

If you'd like to contact me directly, you can use the Contact form on any of my Reporter sites.

-- Tony